Mapping Your Succession Journey

Join us for a day-long workshop exploring the succession journey for families in business and organizations. Facilitated by Kelly Sidoryk, we will examine:

  • the steps of the succession planning process
  • creating a shared vision
  • communication and decision making
  • roles and responsibilities
  • important members of the succession planning team
  • contingency plans
  • intergenerational dialogs

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Leadership Series

Leadership development has proven to be an effective way to build business and organizational capacity. Some statistics indicate that businesses and organizations that invest in leadership development have seen an increase in profits of over 30%. This is contributed to the difference between people being managed versus being led. Individuals described themselves as feeling more inspired, energized and capable in environments where leadership was promoted and developed. This has a variety of benefits for organizations and businesses, including improved staff involvement and loyalty, thus less staff turnover, positive workplace environments, and financial gain.

Course length: 50hrs

Cost: $2000 – potential grant available

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Best Business Practices

 Struggling with streamlining some of your business practices? We can help! We are offering assessments and coaching for eligible businesses. Our Best Business Practices program is grant funded by NRC-IRAP. Contact us to see if you qualify today!

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Coaching for Business Success – Coaching 5/5/5 – Coaching Out of the Box®

*This program is approved by the International Coach Federation

Why this Program?
Today’s business environment has rapidly changing expectations, technologies and market demands. It’s about gaining a competitive edge. Today’s managers and leaders are charged with maximizing their own performance, and the performance of their team of employees. Coaches work with individuals and organizations to maximize their potential. They bring out the best in people by helping them improve performance, communications, relationships, and team-building. Coaching Skills are essential for leaders and managers who want to maximize that competitive edge.

The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ draws from the most advanced knowledge base in the coaching field and is translated into a simple, intuitive and highly transferable framework for busy executives and managers.

Learners acquire tools that move them

  • From talking ‘at’ others to new ways of listening.
  • From building walls to building trust.
  • From telling others what to do to asking powerful questions.
  • From harsh truths to productive feedback.
  • From problem solving for others to developing resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers.

This program consists of a one-day workshop with the opportunity for practice sessions following the initial workshop. Facilitated by Glenys Reeves-Gibbs, Executive Director, Regional Business Accelerator.

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